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Investment Strategy

Our investors earn income three ways.

We are continually researching real estate markets and properties that offer high yield passive cash flow and upward appreciation in value. We look for stabilized properties with upside potential in the areas of physical property improvements, better management and rising appreciation value both in the short term and long term. We offer our investor partners a passive equity position, high yield cash flow and increased cash return on the back end sale. Essentially, our investors earn income three ways.

Target Markets

Knowing what market cycle an area is in determines what the best strategic approach is for that area. There are four patterns of market cycles an area will experience at any given time. We use these market cycles to determine our buy/sell strategies. When buying a property we focus on markets with the following attributes.

  • Prime or sub markets with population and job growth
  • Urban expansion and proactive city planning
  • New or stabilized real estate growth
General Financial Security
  • Positive cash flow and appreciation potential.
  • Benchmarked cash on cash returns.
  • Higher than average cap rates.
  • Secure debt coverage ratio.
Property Criteria
  • Residential apartment complexes.
  • Minimum 50 or more units.
  • Value-add opportunities.
  • Class “C” or better properties.
  • Class “A” or “B” areas.
  • Minimum occupancy – 80%.
  • Higher unit mix of 2+ bedrooms over other.
  • Equity Ownership

  • Monthly Cash Flow

  • Property Acquisition

Meet The Team

Get To Know Us

Tom Boyle

Tom has been buying and selling properties since 1982. He is actively involved in the company’s acquisition division and is responsible for all pre-sale activities leading up to the purchase of properties, including:

  • Securing private investment money for property acquisitions.
  • Due diligence encompassing property inspections and appraisals.
  • Evaluation, recommendations and implementation of all property maintenance programs.

Tom’s experience in business ownership, construction management, sales and estimating provides him a unique knowledge base for analyzing properties, cost estimating for value add, negotiating contracts and managing the business’ financial integrity.

Tom’s experience, training and education include:

  • Licensed builder since 1989
  • Certified Graduate Remodeler designation
  • Certified Aging In Place designation
  • Lease Option and Foreclosure
  • Tax Liens and Short Sales
  • Commercial Investing
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Purchase, rehab and sale of residential properties (Sales of 90K – 420K)

Denise Boyle

Denise has been in partnership with Tom Boyle since 1986. In addition to managing administrative tasks in their businesses, her skills also include financial reporting, job costing and contract writing. She has experience in the purchase, rehab and sale of residential properties. She is actively involved in the company’s research and analysis of investment properties as well as:

  • Analyzing and verifying the historical and financial information provided by the seller
  • Creating the initial offer and contract
  • Overseeing the private lender program for those who wish to invest in The Momentum Group.

Denise’s education and certification include:

  • BS – Eastern Michigan University
  • Licensed Real Estate Professional – 2008 – Present
  • Lease Option and Foreclosure
  • Tax Liens and Short Sales
  • Commercial Property Investing
  • Commercial Property Management

Ian Boyle

Ian is a graduate of Michigan State University. Ian started his first company in 2004 and in 2006 he began his education and training in real estate investing. brings to the table the unique knowledge of current technology and business strategy approaches to move The Momentum Group forward with energy and enthusiasm. He researches emerging market trends and utilizes the tools available to streamline business practices going forward. His responsibilities include:

    • Identifying and analyzing emerging markets.
    • Finding prospective properties within those markets through field research and/or through the company’s network of brokers, lenders, property managers and other investors.
    • Financial analysis of properties.

In addition to his role with The Momentum Group, Ian is currently training for the 2016 Olympic Trials. His education and training include:

    • Graduate of Michigan State 2010
    • Small business start-up, operation and sale
    • Real estate wholesaling
    • Commercial property investing


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